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Episode 72: Burn Fat Faster by Avoiding These 3 Common Weight Loss Mistakes!

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Who wants to literally burn more fat while they sleep? If you’re shaking your hand high in the sky right now going ‘me me me me me!’ you’re going to want to listen to this episode. It will save you from turning your weight loss journey into an unnecessary uphill battle.

If you know me you know how much I hate diet culture. We’re berated with advice that’ll help us ‘lose 10 pounds in 5 days’, but what’s left out is the fact that those very tips are slowing our metabolism in the long run, making it harder for us to lose weight and keep it off.

So let’s shine a light on the mistakes you’ve been led to make so you can stop fighting the scale and start burning more fat in YOUR sleep.

Mistake #1: Fast for 16 hours.

I’m not against intermittent fasting. But I see a lot of women taking this way too far and using it as a reason to skip breakfast which slows your metabolism and sets you up to overeat later in the day.

Keep your fasting to 12-14 hours max (16+ hours and your hormones start to have a bad time), and schedule it so you have an earlier dinner. For example, you could stop eating at 7 and have breakfast between 7 and 9 am. 

Mistake #2: Prioritize cardio.

You know how annoying it is when guys make one tiny change and they lose 10 pounds like it’s nothing? One of the biggest reasons they can drop weight so easily is because of their body composition. Read: they have more muscle.

I’m not saying you have to lift like a dude, and in fact, you don’t have the hormones to get bulky like they do. But by lifting weights and adding some lean muscle, you naturally will burn more fat at rest, leading to the lean, toned body you revere.


Mistake #3: Stay away from carbs.

The science is in, your gut microbiome is WAY more responsible for your weight than we ever realized.

And what’s the #1 way to improve your microbiome? Fiber. Where do you find fiber? CARBS!

That’s right, the grains, beans, and fruit you’ve been made to fear are actually the KEY to losing more weight with less effort. Not to mention they feed your thyroid and give you energy to move more (both of which boost your metabolism).

Want a step-by-step plan that’ll help you amp up your metabolism, navigate all the conflicting weight loss advice, and make losing weight a lot easier and less restrictive?

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