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Episode 80: This is our most IMPORTANT episode to date: If You Don't Change THIS, NOTHING Changes

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If I asked you, "What's the number one thing sabotaging people's health goals?" what would you say? Eating too much sugar? Not working out? Binging on the weekends?

Want to know my answer? It's our minds. It's the stories we repeat in our heads daily. It's how hard we are on ourselves. It's our shame.

It's the excuses we give ourselves that keep us in our comfort zone, away from the action, away from the possibility of failure. 

It's the beliefs we hold about who we are and what we're capable of. It's our thought patterns that have us making the same mistakes again and again. It's our unwillingness to face the demons that hold us back from our goals, making us feel unworthy of ever reaching them.  

And I can tell you from experience, as a woman who has deeply struggled with perfectionism, shame, fear, and anxiety, when we shine a light on the darkest corners of our mind, we can begin to heal our relationship with food, our relationship with fitness, our relationship with ourselves.

Here are 5 mental practices I use to become the master of my mind so I'm able to stay consistent with my healthy habits day in and day out. 

1. I self-coach through cravings.

Make no mistake, even as a nutrition coach I most definitely get cravings. And if it's a small food craving, I'll just enjoy a bit of the food and move on.

But often our cravings are really our inner-most selves screaming out for something way more important than food. And just in the act of identifying what it is we really want, we take away the power of the craving and can start focusing on true solutions. The craving is the branch, we want to deal with the root.

2. Any time I catch myself self-shaming, I flip the script. 

Beliefs are simply thoughts we've repeated enough times to make them true in our mind, and a lot of us have some pretty shitty beliefs about ourselves.

How do we break it? By re-writing the script with a more positive story. So when I find myself thinking things like, "I'm such a failure." I rewrite the story with facts, pointing out all the ways I am, in fact, not a failure.

3. I feel my feelings. 

This is a big one. Most of us will do anything not to feel negative emotions. But in doing that, we make those emotions so much bigger, so much scarier, and so much more powerful. It's like turning the water on, but pinching off the hose. Eventually something is going to break.

My life was changed when I stopped letting negative emotions build up by shoving them down. Now any time a bad feeling comes, it's like releasing the pressure on the water valve. 

4. I'm always thinking ahead. 

Life rarely catches me off guard because honestly, it's usually the same shit that comes up again and again. And when you recognize that and prepare for it, you stop finding yourself blocking your progress by saying things like, "I just ran out of time" or "I didn't know we were going to eat out" or "I thought they would have healthier options there." 

You see the obstacles way ahead in the distance and prepare accordingly. 

5. I focus on what I can control and release what I can't. 

We can get so caught in all the things that are wrong, all the things that are standing in our way, and it can be paralyzing.

But when we make our primary focus the things we can control (like bringing water and snacks with us, saying no to people and things that don't serve us, how much food we put in our mouth hole), we take our power back and realize we have way more control over our lives and our health than we realize.

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