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Episode 87: The Oldest Diet in the World and Why It Still Can't Be Beat!

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‘Eat more whole foods’ has become one of those weight loss platitudes that tends to go in one ear and out the other. Why? Because that truism has been around since the beginning of time (you know, when we had no option BUT to eat whole foods).

But if you struggle with cravings, if you struggle with weight that won’t seem to come off, if you find yourself constantly thinking about food, ‘eat more whole foods’ may be the most important advice you could employ to turn the tides in your favor.


1. Eating whole foods boosts your metabolism.

Think about it this way: the less processed a food is, the more work YOUR body has to do and the more calories your body has to burn to process that food itself.

2. They leave you feeling fuller, longer even though they have fewer calories (check out the graphic below to see the dramatic difference).

To demonstrate this, notice how much more satisfied you feel after eating a salad than you do after getting the same amount of veggies in a green juice.

3. They feed more of the good bugs in your gut and starve out the bad bugs in your gut.

This helps you burn more fat, balance your hormones, and lower inflammation.

4. Whole foods help combat cravings.

A lot of times we experience cravings because we aren’t getting the vital nutrients we need. Because more nutrients stay intact when a food is less processed, you’ll get fewer and milder cravings.

5. Whole foods aid in weight loss because of their effect on hormones.

This partially is because whole foods spike insulin (a fat-storage hormone) far less than their processed counterparts. But also, more processed foods often are combined with hormone-disrupting additives.

Notice in the graphic below, as the food gets more processed, the calories and sugar go up, as the fiber goes down.



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