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The Secret About Your "Trouble Zones" They Aren't Telling You

"I always have this poochy belly..."

"I hate my thick thighs..."

"By butt is too big..."

"I wish my arms looked more defined..."

We all have that one area of our body that drives us nuts and, of course, it always seems like the most stubborn body part to tone, tighten, or taunt into submission. 

Why? Why is there such a thing as a "trouble zone?" And is there anything to be done about it?

Well, while there are a million DVD's and workout programs out there titled things like Chiseled Abs, Thigh Slimmer, and Burn Off That Booty, the truth is, no workout program or nutrition plan in the world can "target" where you lose fat.

The location on your body that loses weight first is entirely determined by your genetics, and unfortunately, the rule of thumb is,

the place you gain it first is usually the place you lose it last.

So what happens when you try to "target" a trouble zone when you workout (i.e. doing a million crunches to get that six pack or making every day leg day to slim your thighs)?

You'll build muscle and strength in those locations, but without burning the fat off all over, you won't be able to actually see them.

Which is why the best course of action is not to look for the workout program that boasts about toning a specific body part. Instead, look for the program that sets your body up to be an overall fat burning machine.

What does a program like this look like?

  1. It burns a lot of calories during the workouts by bringing the intensity, working numerous muscle groups at once, and regularly utilizing the largest muscle groups in the body, like the quads, glutes, and lats.
  2. It builds lean muscle, which raises your metabolic rate.
  3. It incorporates a nutrition plan that focuses on creating the appropriate calorie deficit, and foods that turn on hormones that signal your body to burn fat, and turn off the hormones that signal your body to store it. (Check out the blog freebie to snag your Fat Burning Nutrition Guide)
  4. It has a self care element that accounts for lowering stress and improving sleep which are massively important in any weight loss journey (read: lower cortisol, lower belly fat).
  5. And finally, it encourages a positive, realistic mindset that helps you love your body as it is, even as you work towards improvement. 

So, if you struggle with a particular body part, know that it is not impossible to change it, especially with the proper tools (cough cough, Fit for Life Academy, cough cough).

But also, knowing how much you are fighting your genetics can make an often frustrating journey, a bit more tolerable. Especially in a culture that tries to convince you "Get a 6 pack in 6 days!" is realistic. 

Be patient, work hard, get in it for the long haul, and you'll be laying the ground for very real results, and very real transformation.



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