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Episode 103: Keto. Is. Dangerous.

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Ok, after a doctor recommended my client be on a ‘keto lifestyle’ for no good reason I had to create this episode and VENT!!!

Understand, I would take no issue with keto if it wasn’t actively dangerous.

I have known multiple people who had life-threatening complications happen because of being on keto.


The cliff notes?

✨Keto makes your body highly acidic which is the perfect environment for pathogens to thrive.

✨Keto is damaging to the gut which is responsible for immunity, mental health, inflammation, longevity, hormone balance, and weight loss.

✨Keto is associated with significantly reduced blood levels of thyroid hormone and isn't safe for anyone with conditions involving the thyroid, gallbladder, liver, or pancreas. 

✨Studies have shown keto on average provides only 12 of 27 vital minerals and vitamins.

✨Keto can put your blood sugar dangerously low (excess insulin is bad, but NO insulin is dangerous!)

✨Keto has been shown to reduce bone mineral density in as little as 3.5 weeks.

✨A long term study linked low carb, high fat diets to higher rates of cancer, heart disease, and ALL CAUSE MORTALITY.

✨Keto eliminates or severely reduces consumption of fruit, veggies, whole grains, and legumes. All of which are the foundational foods of the blue zones (the areas where most people live to be 100+).

✨We were never meant to exist in ketosis! It’s why it’s hard to get into and easy to fall out of! It was meant as a survival mechanism during winter months when we couldn’t get enough carbs!

Whew, ok rant over. 😅

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