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Episode 50: 4 Reasons Your Metabolism is Shot and You Can't Lose Weight

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Last week, we talked all about what mental shifts you need to make to get off the yoyo diet train.

But if you've been on that sucker for a while and you've spent years cutting calories, cutting food groups, and increasing your workouts, chances are pretty good your metabolism is all kinds of jacked up. 

I see it all the time with new clients, they come to me saying things like, "I only eat 1200 calories per day and workout hard 7 days per week, but I can't lose an ounce."

Yup, that's extreme diets at work. 

And from that place, it doesn't matter what diet you follow going forward, the scale will continue to stay stuck. 

Which is why, in this week's episode, I'm sharing the 4 things you're doing that are continuing to lower your metabolism, so you can finally make the shifts you need to to start burning fat again.

1. You're eating too little and working out too hard.

2. You aren't prioritizing sleep.

3. You aren't eating enough carbs. 

4. You're skipping meals. 

How do these habits keep your metabolism in the dumps? I guess you'll have to listen in to the full episode above to find out! And as an extra treat for listening, I'll share an important bonus mistake that can immediately put your body into fat storage mode. 

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