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Episode 184: 6 Reasons Multiple Diets Haven't Worked for You

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99% of the women who come to my practice have tried every diet under the sun. They’ve tracked their food, cut carbs, timed their meals, and they are exhausted.

Exhausted from the trial and error, exhausted from getting their hopes dashed, exhausted from being unhappy in their skin.

That’s where I come in. To shed light on why their past attempts haven’t worked (hint: your body is not broken) and to pave a new path that puts an end to yo-yo dieting for good.

So if you’re wondering why the scale isn’t budging, allow me to explain…

1. Your weight is a symptom of an underlying issue and your diets either aren’t addressing it or they’re actually making it worse.

For example, if you have thyroid dysfunction and you go low carb you're going to make matters worse because your thyroid runs on carbs. 

Or if your adrenals are run down and you're eating too little or are intermittent fasting, you're putting more of a burden on them and are pumping out stress hormones. 

Or if you have SIBO and you decided to go vegetarian and are eating tons of fermentable carbs, you'll be putting the breaks on your progress. 

2. The diet goes against your metabolic type.

Our bodies have unique genetic requirements which means there are certain foods and ratios of protein, carbs, and fats that will fuel our metabolism, reduce cravings, and support our hormone health.

So when we follow diets that are the antithesis to our metabolic type, we fall deeper into the cycle of trial and error while also increasing our cravings and reducing our energy and motivation. 

3. The diet isn’t helping you change your mindset around food.

You can’t create a new body with the same thoughts that got you this one.

Anyone can cut out foods or count calories for a few weeks. But if you fall down a binging shame spiral every time you allow yourself a treat, or you're terrified to eat bananas because 'sugar', or you're destroying your metabolism because you're convinced eating more than 1200 calories will make you fat, or you can't stop thinking about food between meals, any typical diet is going to fail you. 

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to think differently about food and that change doesn't come from blindly following diet rules. 

4. You’re expecting a quick fix.

I know so many women who will follow a diet for 2 weeks and if the scale doesn’t drop they assume it isn’t working and bail. It didn’t take you 2 weeks to get here, it’s not going to take you 2 weeks to get there. 

I love this analogy from my nutrition school mentor: think of your body like a bank account. After years of yo-yo dieting, deprivation, or just eating poorly, your bank account is at a deficit. 

Our job is to fuel your body in a way that raises your account balance. But the thing is, we can't decide where that new surplus goes. 

You may want the surplus to go to weight loss right away. But your body is going to put the surplus wherever it's needed most.

For some that may be supporting the adrenals, for others it may be balancing hormones, for others it may optimizing detoxification. 

So all you can do is continue to put money into that bank account and then be patient, knowing that eventually your weight will be paid its due. 

5. The diet isn’t enjoyable.

If you don’t like the food, you’re not going to eat it over the long term. You might be able to suck it up for a few weeks to get the weight off, but what happens after that? You go right back to your pre-diet habits and the weight comes right back on.

You may be thinking that you're picky, and if you have to like the food you're never going to get the weight off. 

But I can tell you from years of experience, I have had the pickiest eaters find healthy foods they like just as much as their old staples. 

If you think you dislike healthy food it's because it hasn't been prepared the right way.

But here's the thing, if you're committed to the story that you hate healthy food, you're never going to try it and that's going to keep you exactly where you are. 

My picky clients go into the process feeling nervous, thinking they won't like certain dishes, but willing to try. And that is all you need to see progress. 

6. You never rebuilt your metabolism after diet phases.

Every time you hop on a diet and drastically drop your calories, you're training your body to function on fewer and fewer calories. Which means your metabolism is dropping to a lower and lower set point. This can look like:

Your body is functioning at 1800 calories >>> you diet and drop to 1500 calories >>> you hit a plateau because your body has adapted to 1500 calories >>> you quit and go back to eating 1800 calories which now isn't maintenance, it's a surplus >>> you gain weight >>> you diet again but this time have to drop your calories to 1200 to lose weight because 1500 is now maintenance >>> you go through the same cycle until no matter what you do you can't lose weight. 

The only way out of this vicious cycle is to let go of your weight loss goals long enough to restore your metabolism. And then once your metabolism is restored, you have to start incorporating diet breaks throughout your year to keep your metabolism and hormones in optimal health. 

Now that you know WHY things haven’t been working for you, you have the power to choose something different.

You can dig deeper and get to the ROOT of your stubborn weight, find out your metabolic type, work on your mindset, be more patient, and find recipes you love along the way.

If that sounds overwhelming to you, I’m here to make it simple.

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