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Episode 36: 7 Simple Tips to Go from 'Knowing' to 'Doing'

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1. Consistently gather information until you can't ignore the facts.

2. Figure out YOUR why. Remember, an object at rest stays at rest. And an object in motion stays in motion. You need your goals to be acted on by an outside force; that's what your why is. But it has to be strong enough and powerful enough to get you moving. 

3. Quit 'playing' with the idea. Draw a line in the sand and make the DECISION to change. And do whatever you have to to make that commitment real. Tell it to all your friends, post it on social media, join a support group. 

4. Stop waiting for the perfect time to start and stop waiting to start perfectly. It's going to be messy. Life is going to get in the way. You won't be 100% all the time. That's ok. Do it anyway, and do it now. 

5. Just pick your 'step one' already. No more letting yourself get caught in analysis paralysis. Just pick a thing and start doing it. One of my biggest keys to success in any area of my life is I don't let myself think too hard about what I should do. If I have an idea, I'm going to act on it and learn as I go. 

6. Figure out whether you're a scalpel or a cleaver and proceed accordingly. If you're a scalpel, pick one small thing to focus on at a time that feels totally doable for you. If you're a cleaver, go all in and hack away at the habits you want to change. 

7. Hire a coach to keep your ass accountable (and I hate to say it, but the more expensive the coach, the more likely you are to take action). 

If you want specific examples of these steps to make it more actionable for you (and if you want the bonus tip for getting out of your head and into action), listen in to the full episode above!


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