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Episode 38: 6 Ways to Meal Prep Based On Your Personality Type

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1. The 'Cleaver'

  • When you do something, you do it all the way. You are the ultimate Sunday prep person.
  • You're going to want to pick your recipes for the week, put each meal on the calendar, grocery shop, chop, cook, and package your meals. It takes up your entire Sunday but the rest of the week you are 100% food-stress free.

2. Left-Overs Lover

  • You feel like there's nothing better than sitting down to a delicious, home cooked meal that you just had to spend 5 minutes warming up.
  • Every time you cook, make multiple servings to reheat later. You can also do a giant batch in the slow cooker or instant pot at the beginning of the week and just use that again and again.

3. Last Minute Stress-er

  • You stress out at every dinner (or lunch, or breakfast) and usually end up throwing together unhealthy boxed meals or hitting the drive through.
  • Prep your hardest meals on the weekend when you can cook in peace. Or at the very least, chop and portion your ingredients ahead of time so when dinner comes it's just a matter of cooking it. 

4. Consistency Queen (or King)

  • You eat similar meals most days and love the ritual simplicity of it.
  • Prep what you know you'll eat almost every day.

5. Foodie AKA The Left-Over Hater

  • You can't stand eating the same thing 2 nights in a row. You need excitement and variety in your meals.
  • Each time you cook, make multiple servings but then put it in the freezer in individual packaging. Over time you'll build up a collection of different meals that you can just thaw out and enjoy when you didn't just have it. 
  • You can also cook similar things in similar ways but with different sauces, seasonings, and combinations to change it up.
  • Finally, if you're opposed to reheating anything ever, you could pull a bunch of new recipes to try each week, and just do the chopping and portioning ahead of time.

6. The Non-Chef

  • You are a total newbie in the kitchen and/or have no desire to spend your time chopping and cooking.
  • This is what I call the picnic method: you buy food at the store that requires no prep or cook time whatsoever, and throw it all together on a plate. Your only job is to check your labels and look out for ingredients you can't pronounce. 

Be sure to listen in to the whole episode if you want examples of the above strategies, a break down of how I meal prep as a health coach, and how to eat super healthy while staying within budget.

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