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Episode 45: 3 Ways to Create a Routine During a Quarantine

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With the kids at home, businesses shutting down, and days and weeks blurring together, a routine may feel hard to come by.

But creating and sticking with a regular routine could be the best medicine amidst the chaos. 

Here are 3 approaches to try.

1. Themed Days: Make each day centered around one type of task.

  • Monday: Meal Prep
  • Tuesday: Cleaning
  • Wednesday: Major Work Projects
  • Thursday: Minor Work Tasks (emails, client reach out, etc.)
  • Friday: Social Media Engagement/Planning

2. Time Blocking: Dedicate every hour or every couple of hours to a specific task (repeat daily).

  • 9-10: morning routine
  • 10-12: priority tasks
  • 12-1: returning emails/phone calls
  • 1-2: lunch
  • 2-4: virtual meetings/client outreach
  • 4-5: social media
  • 5-6: workout
  • 6-7: dinner
  • 7-8: netflix/veg out
  • 8-10: reading/personal development
  • 10-11: nightly ritual

3. Batch Work: Take advantage of this time and get ahead of your work by working on multiple week's or month's worth of a given project in just a day or 2. 

  • Example: Write 1-2 month's worth of blogs Monday, a week or 2 of social media content Tuesday, programming for clients Wednesday, 6 weeks of online course creation Thursday, month's worth of marketing on Friday. 

Bonus Tips:

  1. No matter what type of routine you go with, always always always have a morning routine and evening ritual. So even if things get all kinds of screwy in between, at least you're starting and ending your days with consistency and calm. 
  2. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time each day.
  3. Have designated hours for eating.
  4. Have a specific space dedicated for work. 


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