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Episode 53: 4 Reasons to Break Up with Low Carb Diets (According to Science)

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A few weeks ago, my friend Doug reached out to me wondering why he actually got more shredded while eating more carbs during quarantine.

This may sound totally counterintuitive, especially in the age of keto where 'experts' would have you believe that low carb is the best way to go if your primary goal is weight loss. 

But as per usual, the weight loss industry loves highlighting the quick fix side of these trends, while ignoring the long term implications on your health and weight loss goals. 

Which is why this week we're turning to science to prove why carbs are not the enemy, and why if you want to lose weight and keep it off, they're actually an essential part of the equation!

4 Negative Effects of Low Carb Diets on the Body (and your weight loss):

  1. Studies show your T3 hormone (which is the active thyroid hormone responsible for metabolism, energy, and steady blood sugar levelsdrops when you go low carb. If that weren't bad enough, a low carb diet causes reverse T3 to rise which further inhibits the work of T3. 
  2. They can negatively affect your HPA axis (hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis), which is the intertwining of your endocrine system and nervous system which are responsible for your body's stress response. It regulates everything from stress hormones (low carb diets have been shown to increase cortisol), to mood, to digestion, to the immune system, to libido, to metabolism and energy levels. 
  3. Testosterone drops, limiting your ability to build metabolism-boosting lean muscle.
  4. Muscle begins catabolizing (breaking down). People think reducing carbs means you're burning pure fat, but your body views fat as more essential than muscle so it'll break both down for fuel. This is also why I warn against fasted workouts. When there isn't enough muscle glycogen and insulin available, the intensity of your workouts and the recovery and rebuilding of your muscles suffer.

'But Kat, a ton of people are losing weight going low carb, there has to be some validity to it right?' Wrong. In the episode, I explain what really is causing the weight loss associated with low carb diets. Hint: it has nothing to do with carbs. 

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