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Episode 57: Kaizen: Your Secret Weapon for Lasting Habit Change?

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What is kaizen??

It's a Japanese term for 'continuous improvement' and it relies on small, incremental, consistent changes that lead to potentially massive improvement and transformation.

Both research and my own experience shows, this is by far the MOST effective strategy for long term weight loss. 

How can it help with weight loss?

  1. When you set small, manageable goals, you experience the dopamine rush of quick wins. Leading to greater motivation to keep going instead of the discouragement that comes from making massive change, and massively failing. 
  2. It prevents procrastination by eliminating overwhelm. 
  3. It gives you the chance to fully integrate a new behavior as a habit, so you can stop relying on willpower all the time (which is a limited resource).
  4. It slows you down enough to discover what really works for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. If you try to change everything at once, you don't know what actions were true needle-movers versus what was just taking up your time and energy. 
  5. It prevents you from trying to sprint a marathon. If you want long lasting results, you can't take a quick fix approach. They are utterly counter to each other. 

Want examples of exactly how to implement Kaizen into your weight loss journey? Listen in to the full episode!

But remember, while you absolutely can implement these strategies on your own, they really are most effective when you work with a coach. 

The order of the habits you implement and the speed with which you add on new ones is going to depend hugely on your body, your lifestyle, and your goals.

For example, someone with a thyroid disorder is going to start with and progress through a very different set of habits than an ex-athlete trying to get back in shape.

So if you want to skip all the trial and error that could delay your results, if you want someone putting these steps together for you, and if you want someone holding you accountable to your action steps and goals, click here to book a consultation with me so we can see if I'm the right coach to guide you through this. 


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