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11 Steps to Unleashing the Bad Ass Warrior Within


You guys know I talk a lot about unleashing your inner bad ass warrior.

But what the heck does that even mean??

I mean, it's nice to say and all, and it sounds cool, but seriously, how do you go from just living your life, going through the motions, following all the rules, to stepping into your bad ass warrior identity? Especially if you don't feel much like a bad ass warrior.

Sister... I got your back. 

Which is why today I'm going through the 11 steps, or the 11 commandments if you will, of owning your inner bad ass warrior. And yes girl, I promise she's there, we've just got to pull her out.

1. She shows up.

 The bad ass warrior inside of you doesn't hide in the shadows. She doesn't avoid discomfort. She doesn't cower in fear.

She shows up authentically and with purpose to her life. She knows this moment is all she has and she isn't going to waste it by running away.

They say showing up is half the battle, but when she shows up, it's only just begun. 

2. She fights hard.

She fights hard because she knows what she's fighting for. She knows the stakes. She knows what's at risk if she doesn't succeed, whether that's her happiness, her health, her mission, her dreams, or her family. 

And it doesn't matter if she's the strongest, or the fastest, or the smartest, because she is the most determined, and she will be the last one standing.

3. She dreams big.

As a bad ass warrior, there is a time to fight and there is a time to dream. And she goes all in with both. 

She isn't caged in by should's, or odds, or labels. She creates her own epic world because she dares to dream it. 

Her dreams are stronger than any logic, any obstacle, any failure, and she has utter faith in their inevitability. 

4. She loves herself.

A bad ass warrior has no time for self hate, no energy for self criticism, no room for suffering at her own hand.

She loves herself fiercely, as she would love another, because it is in this worthiness that she finds her strength to fight for not only herself, but for others.  

5. She leads others. 

A bad ass warrior is not a lone wolf. She is the leader of her tribe.

She inspires others with her words and her actions. She lifts others up. And she paves the way so that those who look up to her might have an easier time of reaching the mountain top. 

6. She stays focused.

A bad ass warrior is not derailed by the squeaks of mice. She is not pulled off course by the hail storm of criticism that the world can sometimes unleash on her.

She is not tempted towards the life of ease and comfort when that life is a direct assault to her mission, her purpose, and her passions. She stays the course. She has faith. And she puts one foot in front of the other. 

7. She makes no excuses.

A bad ass warrior is too busy trying to better herself, she would never bother with excuses that prevent this growth.

When obstacles arise, when life happens, when she falls down, she never reaches for the easy way out, she never reaches for blame. Instead, she reaches for the lesson so that she may do better next time and succeed. 

8. She never gives in.

A bad ass warrior inevitably loses some battles. She gets knocked down in the mud. She gets wounded and scarred. She leaves fights bloody and bruised.

Sometimes she even feels the pull to quit. But she never does. She falls, so that she can get up stronger. And that's why her dreams are always for the taking. 

9. She believes in herself. 

A bad ass warrior is willful over her mind. She doesn't let the whispers of doubts and fears undermine her spirit.

She has faith in her ability to figure things out. She has faith in her ability to learn, and grown, and transform. She has faith in the power of her intentions and her actions. She believes in herself whether everyone is on her side, or no ones is. 

10. She honors her body.

A bad ass warrior knows her greatest weapon. It isn't her spear, or her sword. It isn't her shield or her bow. It is her strength, her energy, her health.

And she knows that everything she does, everything she thinks, everything she consumes either sharpens her greatest weapon, or dulls it.

So she treats her body with the respect and the love it deserves, for it carries her through this life, through every battle, through every victory, and without it, she is nothing. 

11. She chooses her destiny. 

Finally, a bad ass warrior takes hold of her life, her circumstances, her fate. She does not leave it to the whims of others, or to the "norms" of the time, or to chance.

She calls her shot, she puts her stake in the ground, and she lights her own way. And she will not fail. Because she will not stop until she gets there. 

You are a bad ass warrior. She's there already inside you. It's time to let her out. 

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So join the tribe of warriors who are going on this adventure with me. This is a brand new course so we're going to get down and dirty with it, rough it up, put it through the wringer, and see how much we can step into the bad ass warrior identity by the time we get to the other side.

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