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Episode 146: 4 Steps to Fix a Broken Gut

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Last week I posted a video on Instagram explaining why the health of our gut is essential on our weight loss journey (especially when you feel like you’ve already tried everything).

To recap, your gut microbiome…

👉🏻 Impacts your metabolism, appetite, and fat storage.

👉🏻 Can cause overwhelming sugar and carb cravings.

👉🏻 Has the power to cause mood disorders, anxiety, and depression via the vagus nerve (which obviously may influence emotional eating).

👉🏻 Affects your blood sugar response to food (the higher your blood sugar the more insulin you produce which is a fat storage hormone).

👉🏻 When damaged can cause wide spread inflammation which causes the body to stress out and produce cortisol, another fat storage hormone.

So it comes as no surprise that the next question is, “How do I fix my gut?“

And while that answer can be complex depending on your body and any underlying health issues, there are four steps that cannot be skipped!

1. Figure out what’s causing the damage and stop it.

So many people jump to taking probiotics but that’s like pouring water into a glass with holes in it.

2. Support your gut lining.

When your gut lining is compromised, food and toxins can escape into your bloodstream causing widespread inflammation.

3. Once your gut lining is in good condition, THEN you can work on repopulating your gut with good bacteria that will support your metabolism, hormones, mood, and more.

But again, people tend to jump to probiotics at this step when food is going to be a much more effective strategy.

Studies have actually shown just a couple days after stopping probiotics your gut looks basically the same as it did before ever taking them.

4. Implement lifestyle habits to continually support the health of your gut.

Without this step you’ll just go right back to the damage that you started with.

Feeling overwhelmed?

The good news is I walk you through each of these steps in my Follow Your Gut program so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

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