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Episode 55: Manifesting Weight Loss. Can You Think Your Way Thin?

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No matter what I do I can't lose weight.

Why am I such a failure?

My body hates me.

I hate my body. 

This is impossible. 

I suck. 

Do any of these sound familiar to you? If they do, you may be putting up a block to your weight loss goals more powerful than any cheat day or skipped workout. 

Think that sounds woo woo af? It's not. It's actually well documented that our thoughts can affect our physiology, sometimes instantaneously. 

For example, people with multiple personality disorders have been known to have different health conditions depending on which personality they're experiencing (one personality may need to take insulin for diabetes, while another does not). 

This is also demonstrated with the placebo effect where someone is given a sugar pill instead of medicine, and still experiences relief, or even actual healing. 

There was even an experiment done on people with knee pain where they tested to see if they could stimulate the same effects with a placebo surgery. 

They would bring the patient in, 'prep them for surgery', put them under anesthesia, and the doctor would make a few shallow incisions around their knee.

When they woke from the surgery, the doctor gave them 'post op' instructions and sent them on their way. Many of these patients reported significant improvement after years of chronic pain.

 How is all this possible? There's actually science to explain it:

"Dr. Marcel Kinsbourne, a neuroscientist at the New School for Social Research in New York, explains that our expectations create brain patterns that can be just as real as those created by events in the real world. In other words, the expectation of an event causes the same complex set of neurons to fire as though the event were actually taking place, triggering a cascade of events in the nervous system that leads to a whole host of real physical consequences." -Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage

There are a number of other proven examples of this powerful brain-body connection, which we chat about in the full episode (you want to listen, trust me these stories are fascinating).

But I'll tell you right now, I don't need any of those stories for proof because I see the proof in my business all the time.

I've had a number of clients who are very high achievers, largely by being extremely hard on themselves and holding themselves to incredible high expectations. And when I see that self-criticism seeping in to their weight loss journey, the road is almost always a lot harder and a lot longer, despite their willingness (and tendency) to work their tales off.

Meanwhile I've had clients who take a self-love approach to their weight loss, who drop weight almost effortlessly with minimal changes to their diet and exercise routine. 

But how do you turn off all those negative voices that have probably been ingrained in you since childhood? 

Listen in to the full episode and I'll share some simple steps you can start taking today to change the story in your head, and change the trajectory of your weight loss.


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