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Episode 47: 3 Ways to Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories (And Why They Work)

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We've all been told the rule of weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume. And while there is a lot more complexity  in how different food affects your body, your metabolism, your hormones, and your health (more on that in the 'eat less/move more' bonus episode after episode 33), the general premise is true. 

But for those of us who don't have the time, energy, or desire to count every morsel that touches our lips, how do we ensure we're creating that deficit? 

Here are 3 proven ways to stick to the golden rule of weight loss without pulling out the calculator or food scale:

1. Mind Your Portions

  • What it is: 
    • Women's daily goals:
      • 3-4 palms of protein (20-30 g)
      • 3-4 cupped handfuls of carbs (20-30 g)
      • 3-4 thumbs of fat (7-12 g)
      • 3-4 closed fists of veggies
        • Modifications:
          • Increase by 1 cupped handful of carbs and/or 1 thumb of fat each day if you're larger, very active, or are not getting the muscle gains you want
          • Decrease by 1 cupped handful of carbs and/or 1 thumb of fat each day if you're smaller, not very active, or aren't seeing weight loss results
    • Men: double everything
  • Why it works
    • Even if you aren't counting calorie by calorie, this tactic is going to keep you from overeating, or from overdoing it on one macro vs the other.

2. Intermittent Fasting

  • What it is: 
    • Cycling between periods of eating and fasting, often times followed in a fasting to eating ratio of 12:12, 14:10, or 16:8 
  • Why it works:
    • A number of studies show intermittent fasting helps regulate blood sugar levels, boost your metabolism, and boost human growth hormones which aids in fat burning and muscle building.
    • It helps you avoid the late night 'witching hour' where snacking, drinking, and desserts can get in the way of your calorie deficit goals.
    • Bonus: It's fantastic for anti-aging because it can help reduce inflammation and free radical damage.

3. Crowding Out

  • What it is:
    • Adding in healthy foods, taking up the space that unhealthy foods used to occupy.
  • Why it works:
    • It's another way of reducing calories without having to rely on a calculator. If you start drinking more water and having less space for soda, or eating more veggies and having less space for dessert, you're going to end up eating fewer calories with the added benefit of not feeling like you're depriving yourself.

Now I stand by all of these protocols as incredibly effective ways to lose weight. However, if you ever get to a place where you feel like you're doing everything right and you still aren't losing weight, that's when I do recommend sucking it up and counting your calories for a couple of weeks. 

Sometimes there are just hidden calorie bombs in our food that we aren't aware of, and counting calories is the only way to spot them. 

p.s. I might have left one protocol out of this blog list...Want to know the creme de la creme, and my ultimate FAVORITE way to approach your diet without counting calories? You'll have to listen in to the full episode for that! 


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