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Episode 28: 10 Reasons I'll Never Go Keto

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What is keto?

It's a diet made up of approximately 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs with the intention of putting your body into ketosis where it burns fat as its primary source of fuel. It sounds like a great idea... until you realize what it actually does to your body. 

10 Reasons You Can Count Me Out:

1. It's utterly unnecessary.

- People are singing keto's praises because of its weight loss effects. But keto is not some magical diet, it's simply forcing you into a calorie deficit by all but eliminating an entire category of food: carbs. You can do the same exact thing with a well balanced, portion controlled, whole food based diet. 

2. It throws a lot of babies out with the bath water.

-Yeah, people are seeing success with keto because suddenly they have cold turkey cut out the french fries, processed bread, chips, crackers, pastas, sugary drinks, and nightly ice cream habits. But along with all the processed crap (which you probably should cut out), they're also cutting out nutrient, fiber, and antioxidant-rich fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Not ok. 

3. Ketosis is your body's emergency state, it isn't meant to exist there.

-Your body was not meant to exist in a place where it is constantly having to convert fat into it's main source of fuel. It's utterly inefficient and exhausting for your body, which is another reason you'll probably experience some pretty serious fatigue on keto. Ketosis is a fail-safe mechanism to safe guard against periods of time when we couldn't find enough carbs to sustain us. 

4. It is devoid of the powerful, healing, inflammatory-fighting, long-established health benefits of fruit. Why? Because gasp... sugar! (insert eye roll)

-This is one of my biggest problems with keto. I know so many people terrified to eat fruit, thinking it's going to make them gain weight. Repeat after me: no one is getting fat off of bananas. 

-Fruit and veggies (aka CARBS) are some of the most beneficial foods we can possibly eat. They are low in calories, packed full of gut-supporting fiber, filled with hydrating water, arguably the best source of energy, and are some of our most powerful antioxidants which help us fight disease, aging, and inflammation.

5. It's terrible for your gut which plays an integral role in weight loss, mood, immunity, and overall wellbeing.

-All of that fat and protein is challenging to digest, and in the absence of adequate fiber, can begin to cause inflammation in the gut, a disruption to your gut microbiome, and constipation.

6. It's likely packed with artificial sweeteners.

-Let's be honest, most people on keto are not suddenly masters over their cravings. So they tend to reach for 'keto friendly' snacks and desserts that are 'sugar free' but loaded up with artificial sweeteners which we know cause inflammation, can disrupt your hunger and satiety hormones, and increase your risk for hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

7. It puts you into an acidic state.

- Diseases thrive in acidic environments. How do you make your body more alkaline and therefore more disease resistant? FRUITS AND VEGGIES!

- You can even push yourself into ketoacidosis which is where your body becomes so acidic it damages the liver, kidneys, and brain. 

8. It reduces your performance in the gym. 

-If you're shaking your fist at the screen right now, arguing that you perform better now that you're on keto, let me ask you: how much weight have you lost?

-Often athletes are attributing their improved endurance to keto when it's really the weight loss itself that improved their performance.

-Meanwhile, ketosis doesn't just make you burn fat for fuel, it also makes you burn muscle. Which means you are likely losing muscle mass causing decreases in performance once you account for weight loss improvements. 

9. Your brain will stop functioning at optimal levels.

 -Your brain can't use fatty acids and amino acids (protein and fat) for energy, only glucose (sugar from whole foods). So if you feel like you get cloudy headed, forgetful, or fatigued while on keto, it's because your brain is being forced to do something it wasn't made to do.

10. You're setting yourself up for massive weight re-gain.

-Did your sister Becky lose 60 pounds on keto? Good for her! I hope she keeps it off. But chances are extremely high that she'll put it all back on and then some. Why? Because keto is not a sustainable diet. And as soon as you reintroduce carbs, you're reintroducing your old habits because you haven't trained yourself to moderate. You've trained yourself, yet again, to do all or nothing. 

BONUS. It does NOT reflect the Unleashed Life we aim for here!!

-Everything I do, everything I teach is about living an unleashed life. In my tribe, we aim for freedom, and joy, and health, and success, and balance, and the very best version of ourselves. And anything that puts that much restriction on you is not allowing you to live an unleashed life.


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