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Episode 40: How to Create a Habit That Sticks (My 6-to-Stick Method)

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We all know habits are the keys to our success in any endeavor we have.

Our ability to achieve our dreams virtually never comes down to one big thing we did. It's what we do, how we think, and how we respond to challenges every single day, without even thinking, that truly determines our fate. 

So here is my 6-to-Stick Method (as seen in my Life Unleashed Program) for creating healthy habits that will stand the test of time, motivation, and busy-ness. 

  1. Make it easy.

Whenever you choose the habit that you want to implement, rate the habit on the confidence scale to make sure it is simple enough that you can easily commit to it. 

So if 10 is 'I will 100% follow through on this habit' and 1 is 'I will never follow through on this habit', you want to be at least an 8. If you're not an 8, you've got to break down the habit further. 

  1. Set up triggers.

For every habit there is always a trigger, the habit, and a reward. So you have to change or add in the trigger for the habit you want.

For example, if you want to drink more water, set water bottles around the house to trigger you to drink. If you want to workout when you get home from work, set your tennis shoes by the front door and immediately put them on when you walk inside. If you want to eat more produce, leave them in a nice fruit bowl on the counter, so you always have the reminder to snack on fruit instead of chips. 

  1. Make it fun and/or satisfying.

Again this is an integral part of the habit loop, so be sure that every good habit has some sort of reward.

It could be the reward of the activity itself being enjoyable.

It could be the reward of having satisfaction at seeing a visual representation of your progress by putting an X on your calendar each day you do the habit (this makes your progress and accomplishment more tangible).

Or it could be a literal reward (as long as they don’t sabotage the very goals you’re working on).

  1. Hang out with people who have the habits you want.

Make it easier on yourself to maintain good habits by hanging out with those who share similar values or who already have those habits in place. Don’t have friends with similar goals as you? Join meet ups and networking events based off of the type of person you want to attract into your life.

  1. Get your reps in.

Obviously one of the most important keys to making a habit a true habit that happens without you thinking about it is consistency. Working out will never become a habit if you do it periodically. Cooking your meals will never become a habit if you only do it on the weekends. 

And remember, this isn’t about how perfectly you can do the habit, it’s about your level of consistency. Meaning, I would rather you workout 5 minutes every single day, than workout an hour once or twice every week or two.

  1. Piggyback it (this one is Brendon Burchard's).

Finally one way to ensure that you stick with a new habit is to piggyback it on a pre-existing habit. For example, if I know I’m going to brush my teeth every night, I’ll piggyback meal prepping on it. In other words, I can’t brush my teeth for the night until I’ve prepped my food for the following day. 

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