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We Made It To 100!!! A Look Back At Our Most Popular Episodes!!

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I am so excited to announce, today we celebrate our 100th episode of the Life Unleashed Podcast!! 

When I first started this podcast with my girl Gio, I had no expectations, no idea how long it would last, no idea if anyone would listen.

I really just wanted a way to get more information and inspiration out to more people and I wanted to do it in a way where we could have deeper, more impactful conversations than an Instagram post. 

Now, 100 episodes and over 10,000 downloads later, I've gotten so many messages from listeners talking about what an impact the podcast has made in their lives.

Talking about how they hear my voice in their head as they make decisions throughout the day. Talking about how I'm their favorite part of their morning commute. And I honestly couldn't be any prouder or any more grateful for what this podcast has become. 

So with that, today's episode is taking a look back and highlighting our best tips from our top 10 most downloaded episodes to date:

Manifesting Weight Loss: Can You Think Your Way Thin

Creating a Habit That Sticks with my 6-to-Stick Method

3 Must-Do's to Lose Weight with Hashimoto's

3 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Motivation to Workout

Let's Talk About Sex with Amanda Tull

Kat's Favorite Things to Grow Your Health and Business

5 Proven Ways to Overcome Stress Eating

10 Ways to Boost Your Health and Sanity Today

6 Ways to Meal Prep Based on Your Personality Type

3 Ways to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

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Here's to the next 100!!


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